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Collect the diamonds and avoid the dangerous spikes in this fantastically addictive new game.

Collect the diamonds and avoid the dangerous spikes in this fantastically addictive new arcade game

360 Degree, a game that tests your concentration, multitasking and aiming skills, a game which enhances your accuracy to defeat those notorious spikes. Stay vigilant because landing on those evil spikes cost you your single and only life in the game, taking you back to square one.

A game of such addiction keeps your eyes glued to the screen. The ball keeps bouncing within the whirling wheel, controlled by two precise movements to steer you to your touchdown. Such flawless gaming helps you to experience the thrill of watching your score climb, but landing your ball into the safe zone is not enough to prove your worth, to top the leader board rankings you simultaneously need to collect those precious diamonds which reward you with single point each.

This game can be learnt with ease but at the same time takes days to master. It is very clever in its simplicity, you quickly learn to dread the sound of shattering the glass ball when it hits the evil spikes. It's a perfect remedy to your boredom and a fantastic way to practice your multi tasking.

Game features:

- Simple, intuitive functionality

- Colourful interactive design

- Addictive and fast paced

- Easy to learn but hard to master!

- Tap left or right to rotate the circle 360 degrees

- Test your reaction time and concentration as the spikes increase in number

- Collect the diamonds to gain points

- Share your score and compete with your friends by jointing Dashboard

- Challenge your friends on Facebook and Twitter by posting your best score


360 Degree is a seat warming phenomenal game which is available on the App Store and Google Play. It is very addictive and loads of fun to play. A ball has to try and get the highest amount of squares they can get in a 360 degree circle and the ball has to avoid all the spikes. I love this game and don’t know anything that would make it a better game than it already is. I rate this game an 8.9/10. Any other things you would like me to review? If yes just comment below and tell me.

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360 Degree


360 Degree 1